How Does Macy’s Money Work?

If you haven’t been taking advantage of Macy’s Money benefits, you’ve been missing out on some solid value.

These reward cards (which are basically free money) can be earned during select sales, and then spent during specific times. To help you sort out all the ins and outs of this perk, we’ve put together this Macy’s Money explanation so you can enjoy the extra savings without the confusion.

What Is Macy’s Money and How Do I Earn It?

Similar to Kohl’s Cash, Macy’s shoppers can earn $10 in Macy’s Money reward cards for every $50 they spend (up to $40 in rewards in one transaction). However, you can only earn Macy’s Money during select shopping events throughout the year.

Shoppers can earn Macy’s Money on almost any purchase during the promotion, and then come back at a later date to redeem the rewards. Just note that if you return items you purchased to accumulate Macy’s Money, you’ll void or reduce your reward card value.

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